VAN GILLERN s.r.o. is a leading producer and supplier of packaging and advertising materials with main specialization in polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP).

Overwhelming majority of our production comprises of printing on a whole produced assortment with an up-to-date flexo-print technology. For our customers, due to using the cutting edge equipment we are able to offer a maximal level of quality, flexibility and speed for reasonable prices.


Plastic carrier bags

Advertising plastic carrier bags with print, without print with possibility of further screen printing, various types of construction and handles.

Plastic bags

Plastic bags - frozen food, e.g. poultry, bags, bags with a self-adhesive flap, bags with a plastic hook for hanging up.


Sacks - all-purpose sacks, garbage can sacks.

Printed plastic wrap

Printed plastic wrap - food packaging plastic wrap, all-purpose packaging plastic wrap.

About VAN GILLERN s.r.o.

Van Gillern s.r.o. was established in 1991. It was initially focused on the production of advertising carrier bags, bags and sacks from polyethylene.

Later we expanded our production when we started to print on products by means of modern flexo-print technology. Soon after we also started to print on packaging material and food plastic wrap.

In 2002 due to increasing quality and speed requirements we decided to make an investment into a new eight-colour flexo-print machine Fischer & Krecke. Now we are able to fulfil even the most demanding requirements of our clients in a very short time.

Currently the company has about 60 employees who work non-stop in 3 shifts. We are one of the most important suppliers of packaging material on the Czech market.